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How It All Began…

Founded as a leather tannery in the 1800s and considered one of the oldest clog companies and brands in the world, Sandgrens remains a destination for those who seek a curated mix of traditional Swedish clog silhouettes with a modern appeal. In fact, Sandgrens spent over 100 years focused on creating the perfect clog contour. Building on the perfection of the classic wooden clog base, our brand continues to grow and now showcases the best of on-trend emerging design.  From this season’s celebration of rich-70s redux to luxury shearling comfort to the rustically refined urban clog bootie, the Sandgrens clog is equally at home on treks through the Pacific Northwest, the streets of Brooklyn, and Paris alike. Sandgrens sets the standard for clogs that exemplify both handcrafted, classic design and on-trend sensibilities, epitomizing that rare blend of classicism that withstands the test of time and curated, Swedish clogs style.

The Factory In Which Our Clogs Are Made Is Special

Nestled within the rich forests surrounding Påryd, Sweden, the doors of our nostalgic yet humble clog factory opens each morning, flooding its interior with the hazy morning light of a new day. The location is quiet, serene, and peaceful as the sun warms the dew off the moss that blankets the underbrush. Soon, the Sandgrens clog factory beckons as racks of clog sandals and clog boots begin to come into view.  It’s clear that there is something deeper here than just a well-made pair of clogs and it is impossible to separate the serene and pastoral Swedish clog factory setting from the simple lines, timeless classicism, and effortless chicness of the Sandgrens clog.

The factory comes to life each day, punctuated by the rhythm of the artisans crafting each clog and clog boot. The clogs and clog boots are the musical notes, and as the finest quality of Dutch and Italian leathers are secured to their authentic Swedish clog bases, the song plays on. It is a melody that has harmonized the factory floor for generations, guiding production as it has for over a century. There is a sense of comfort within the reiteration of the innate skills that have been passed down, contributing to the final look of each set of women’s and men’s clogs. Little things, like a well-placed accent buckle or a meticulous line of rivets, stand out amidst an industry of mass production.  We know that this focus on simple details is what our customers value most.

Clog brands are not born every day.

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Beautiful, Handcrafted Swedish Women’s and Men’s Clogs

For our clog artisans, their handicraft is a calling—born out of a timeless heritage of local Swedish techniques passed down through generations of clog shoe design. Each wooden clog sandal is hand-crafted, each piece of leather worked with the love and passion of clog making artisans who take great pride in their work. At first glance, the racks of clogs may look similar, but upon closer inspection, the unique character of each authentic Swedish clog set comes into view. No two pairs of women’s clogs that leave the factory floor are identical, a direct result of the handmade standard few can still claim. It is this appreciation for local handiwork and artisanal quality that ensures that Sandgrens and the varieties of women’s clogs that we invent are just as creative and uniquely beautiful now as they were then. One by one, pair by pair, through each phase of production, our clog makers and clog masters artisan-sculpt our wood clogs, imbuing them with a special, distinctive Sandgrens character.

From Clog Boots to High Heel Clogs, We’ve Got It All

For the fashion-forward, our sheepskin clog boots, clever clog booties, high heel clogs, and brightly hued women’s clog sandals offer a wealth of choices to complement the most discerning wardrobes. For the classic tastes, there are graceful mules with clean lines that create effortless wardrobe staples. By combining the effortless versatility with a modern approach to the classic clog silhouettes, Sandgrens remains one of the few Swedish clog companies to manufacture in Sweden. And though varied, each pair represents the passion and pride in the time-honored techniques refined into the highest quality of Swedish clogs.

This dedication is our cornerstone, for we are committed to offering not only the best Swedish clogs, but also unmatched customer service. We are dedicated to creating wooden clogs that are fashionable, sophisticated and comfortable in a socially responsible way. It’s observed in the selection of renewable resources that compose every pair, delighting in the intrinsic value of creating the best men’s and women’s clogs that are made to last. The process respects the environment, a partnership if you will; for our materials are supplied by the landscapes we call home.

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The Sandgrens Clogs Experience Is Like No Other

There is an unspoken beauty within the clog production melody that continues to support the styles of clogs it creates. As the symphony plays, and the racks are filled, each pair of clogs takes on its distinctive individual tone. Together, these distinctive tones of generations of artistry make our Swedish clog designs an effortless partner with the influential street-style rustic sophistication found on fashion runways today.

While the production symphony lulls as the sun sets, the song never silences. Instead, it is packaged into a brown cardboard box that proudly displays the Sandgrens logo and is sent to your doorstep. When you slip into your Sandgrens clogs for the first time, the symphony begins anew. You walk with us, with our legacy, with our traditions. Each step you take wearing your Sandgrens clogs, blends your story to the crescendo of our own.

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