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Sandgrens Too - Rio Grande High Nude Veg

The Sandgrens Too Collection includes clogs that might have minor imperfections, but they are still loved and always as functional as any first-quality pair. We hope to create a more sustainable future by offering these products at a fraction of the cost.
Because every pair of clogs deserves a second chance.

Please read the information and conditions in the tabs below.

Please note that that all Sandgrens Too clogs are shipped from the US.

What is the imperfection of my pair?

The imperfections will differ between each pair, no pair will be the same as the other. Some minor imperfections can be:

→ Leather scratches
→ Leather discoloration
→ Missing heel pad
→ Wood chipping in a non-critical area for structure or functionality
→ Excess glue from heel pad or rubber sole
→Missing staple in non-essential area for structure or functionality.

Can I return or exchange my Sandgrens Too clogs?

No, the Sandgrens Too Collection clogs are not eligible for returns or exchanges. Please measure your feet to get the right size. Our customer service representative is more than happy to help with sizing and fit.

Will there be any structural defects?

No, this clog has been made with the same high-quality natural materials that Sandgrens is known for. This clog has been carefully reviewed and passed a quality inspection and will not have any structural defects or affect the functionality in any way.

Product picture disclaimer

We are unable to display a picture showing the Sandgrens Too collection pairs in its exact imperfection. The product picture does not represent the exact pair you will receive; it shows only the style and color of the clog.