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Product Information

As a top Swedish clog brand, Sandgrens Clogs carefully selects all materials by hand, and uses only the finest resources to handcraft all of our clogs and clog boots.

Wooden clogs bases (platforms)

All of the wood clog bases that we use as the foundation of our platform clogs are made of lime wood or Spanish pine; both are a beautiful and natural resource that will make your feet happy. Keep in mind that wood clogs are rigid and therefore will not stretch or bend. This is normal and the essence of a pair of clogs. The bottom of Sandgrens wooden clogs bases are covered with a thin rubber sole to protect the wood and help prevent slipping.

Clogs and Clog Boots Leather

We have divided the leather components of our handmade Swedish clogs into three categories to make it easy for our customers to understand and pick out the differences.

Different leathers have a distinct look and feel, which gives each leather type a unique texture and color:

Vegetable Tan Leather clogs and boots

Vegetable tan leather is made in a natural process, which uses tree bark, vegetables and fruits during tanning and does not contain any chrome. Vegetable tan leather has a distinctive texture and a delicate high-fashion look and feel. At first, the leather feels stiff but continues to soften with regular wear. Vegetable tan leather in the Nude color will darken after exposure to sunlight for a few hours. As it becomes darker it becomes more resilient but still remains sensitive. Do not use any cleaning or leather care products on your Nude clogs or nude clog boots vegetable tan leather. It could stain and damage the leather. Colored (other than Nude) vegetable tan leathers clogs can be polished with traditional shoe polish or cleaned with any common shoe cleaner.

Nubuck Leather clog products

Nubuck leather is an oiled snuffed suede but its texture is much more smooth and it has a slight knap. The oiling process is what gives the nubuck its characteristic look and feel. Similar to suede, nubuck leather has a distinct texture. It is soft, supple and velvety to the touch. A variety of leather care products can be used to treat and preserve nubuck leather. Our nubuck leather clogs and clogs boots have already been oiled so you should not need to add additional oil in the near future, but use of water repellants and other treatments helps to preserve the material. To care for your nubuck clogs and nubuck clog boots, brush them with a stiff clean brush.

Shearling (Sheepskin) clogs and clog boots

Shearling is a type of sheepskin with a smooth suede surface (with a slight knap) on one side and a soft pelt on the other. The inside pelt will keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions, while the suede conveys a fashionable look. Shearling runs a bit thinner than regular leather so this is why we cannot use it for the entire vamp area of our wooden clog boots with shearling. You can treat shearling the same way as nubuck leather.

Wooden Clogs, Clog Boots and

Sheepskin Clog Boots Sizing guide

Sandgrens Clogs sizes vary depending on style and heel height.

For Example: If you are a particular size in clog sandals you will not necessarily be the same size in high heel clogs for women and will not be the same size in Sandgrens clog boots for women.

Please reference the Sandgrens Clogs sizing chart provided when viewing each particular product. Sizing information can be found on each product page.

Note: Our sizing may not compare to other brands. We have created our own Sandgrens Clogs sizing scale to help our customers find the size that fits them best for our clogs and separately for our clog boots. Therefore we recommend our customers reference the Sandgrens Clogs sizing chart provided when viewing each particular product.

Please click here to reference sizing from our FAQ page—good to know information!

Clogs and Boots Heel Heights

Low Heel: 1.75″ or 4.45 cm

High Heel: 2.65” or 6.5 cm

High rise heel: 3.15” or 8 cm

Wedge: 4.1″ or 10.5 cm


Clogs and Clog Boots Fitting

Unlike other clog brands, Sandgrens takes pride in producing only handmade Swedish clogs. Although, similar in style, each pair is unique with its own special characteristics. This is what makes our clogs both beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind.

Just as our clogs are unique, your feet are too; we want them to be a perfect match, right away. Therefore, please be aware of a few things when purchasing your pair of Sandgrens Clogs:

• Clogs are designed to allow your heel to “slip” when you walk, even if you have closed back clogs or clog boots. It also generally takes a couple of weeks to get used to your new wood clogs if you are new to wooden clogs.

• If you are new to wooden clogs, Sandgrens recommends wearing them for no more than a couple of hours a day for the first week, then a half day for the next week; so that your body and clogs will adjust to each other. Give your clogs some time and you will be happy.

• Some leathers, like Sandgrens Clogs vegetable tan leather, need to experience a bit of wear before softening and taking its final shape. Start off by wearing your clogs inside your home a few times before making your final decision. Using a pair of socks may also help ease your new clogs onto your feet.

Please click here to reference sizing from our FAQ page—good to know information!


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