Product Care


To maintain the quality and appearance of your clogs we have provided some basic tips. More information can be found in our FAQ's section of the website.

  • We use 100% genuine leather to make all of our clogs.
  • An imperfection may appear on your clogs. Embrace these characteristics as a tribute to a high quality handcrafted product. Each pair is handmade and therefore no two pairs are alike. 


Nubuck Leather Care

  • Nubuck leather is naturally water resistant, but not waterproof. The leather contains rich natural oils to prevent staining. We recommend brushing your clogs periodically to help re-nourish the appearance of the leather. Minor scuffs and marks can be removed by using a genuine horsehair shoe brush. For large marks and light stains, we recommend using a soft rubber shoe brush. 
  • For additional water resistance, we recommend using Bickmore Guard-more water and stain repellant, chamois oil, or neatsfoot oil applied with a clean cloth. Please always test a small area before applying to the whole clog. Avoid heavy oils and waxes as they may darken the leather or alter the finish of the leather.


Vegetable Tan Leather Care

  • Simply use a slightly damp cloth to clean the leather.


Wooden Base Care

  • Our wooden bases feature a lacquer finish. This helps prevent staining or discoloration of the base. Use a mild detergent on a damp cloth to remove stains or dust. 
  • Wooden bases are a natural material that is subject to cracking or chipping if worn incorrectly. Coming in contact with hard surfaces, such as, staircases, cement curbs or metal objects can cause cracking or chipping. Care should be given as to wear you step or walk while wearing these clogs.



These are recommendations as to how to care for your clogs. Sandgrens is not responsible for methods or application techniques that do not fall within these guidelines. Sandgrens is not responsible if a customer damages the appearance of their clogs as we can not control application methods of these care products and tips.