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Our Mission

Brick by brick, Sandgrens spent over 100 years fine-tuning the creation and production of the iconic Swedish clog. Today, the product is our cornerstone; dedicated to its heritage and committed to sharing these high quality wooden clogs and clog boots with our customers.

Our mission is providing the highest quality wooden clogs and wooden clog boots available.

By utilizing the inherited time-honored techniques we were founded upon, within the same four walls as our humble beginning, this attention to detail sets the utmost standard in quality clogs for men and women. We place as much focus on the unsurpassed details we handcraft as we do the contours of each Scandinavian clog, implying no two pairs are exactly alike, a distinction we take great pride in.

We strive to share our heritage and take pride in the handmade craftsmanship that has been passed down within our clog company for generations. Each and every detail matters to us, because we know that it matters to our customers.

By producing long-lasting sets of quality wooden clogs, we respect our natural resources – the wood that ingrains our bases, the supple leather that composes its aesthetic – thereby appreciating our customers’ desire for quality and artistry.

We will fulfill our customer’s expectations of value, design and comfort by providing innovation and creativity to our handmade Swedish clogs and quality clog boots.

The Scandinavian clog design embedded within the traditional styles and clean lines of these high quality wooden clogs and clog boots create a versatile wardrobe staple suitable for all occasions. This gracefulness is refined into each distinguishing collection of clogs, whether our customers seek an on-trend clog sandal, a warm shearling clog boot or a classic clog mule.

What sets us apart, is our insistence to do things as they were for over a century. Production at Sandgrens remains relatively unchanged, yet it sets us apart from the rest as we are one of the few to continue to produce our “wooden shoes” in Sweden.

We continue to go forth on our own path, instead of following in the footsteps of others, defining a new era in clog production. Our iconic clogs have withstood the test of time, each pair representing our core values while our story continues to be told.


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