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– Clog Master

“I started on this amazing journey over 65 years ago at the Sandgrens Swedish clog factory and I am extremely proud to be working next to my son every day. There is nothing I would rather being doing so I will keep doing it for years and years to come.”

Beginning in the 1950’s, Sven produced clogs at the iconic Sandgrens factory in Paryd, Sweden. He quickly learned the Swedish clog making ropes, which propelled him to head of production. It wasn’t long after that he was able to propel the skillset into an artisan craft focusing on the best in handmade quality.

Sven is thee Iconic figure at our factory today and is happy to share his decades of experience with our up and coming Swedish clog makers and masters. Sven has devoted his entire lifetime to the artistry of Swedish Clogs. Sven’s clogs are the standard to which all other clogs are compared.

You will often hear Sven with his mix of Swedish and English say “clog shoes” and raise his hands in discomfort. This is just his way of saying that clogs are not shoes, which should be expected from thee clog making legend that he is.

If there was a such thing as a lifetime achievement award within the clog making industry, there is no doubt that Sven Carlsson would be at the very top of the list.



– Clog Master

“There is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing the smile on our customer’s faces when they fall in love with a pair of Sandgrens clogs. This has been my mission for nearly 50 years and it’s still as exciting now as it was years and years ago.”

Christer began his metamorphosis from a boy to Clog Master at the ripe age of 5. While hammering nails on the lap of his father Sven, he watched and adored his father’s love and passion for perfection.

By early in his adolescent years Christer became a recognizable figure at the clog factory during the summer months and not long thereafter he was a full time Swedish clog maker.

Christer credits Sven with not only giving him his passion for Swedish clogs but also demanding of him unwavering persistence for details and quality.

Today their roles may have reversed as Christer helps his dad continue to enjoy making clogs well into his 80’s, but the memories of the young boy seeking to follow in his fathers footsteps forever remain.

Christer spends his days training our up and coming Swedish clog makers, modeling new clog styles and managing clog production. Christer is a gifted craftsman that has enjoyed over 50 years in the clog making industry.


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