Clog Style Inspiration

The Sandgrens Clogs Inspiration page strives to help our customers feel confident and fashionable in their wooden clogs by sharing personal street-style influences to help make the look their own. Alongside of educating readers on Swedish clog trends, these visions present stylish looks by molding versatile pieces they may already own with the wooden clogs they just acquired.

Here, the harmony of our classic clogs seamlessly and effortlessly blend with the modern; the timeless (Tokyo wooden clogs) partners with the fashion-forward (Manhattan wooden clog boots) looks seen within the sidewalk cafes of Paris, the downtown skyline of Minneapolis, or even one of the five New York Boroughs. The clean aesthetic welcomes a classic trench coat, a bold floral print or a brightly hued pair of jeans. The artistic silhouette of our clogs for women and clogs for men associates elegance with everyday design.

If you’re looking for insight on how to wear clogs to certain events, differing wooden clogs heel heights align with the occasion. Our high heel clogs bear witness to first jobs and first dates, while our clog boots cushion coffee dates and dinners with friends. Clog sandals couple with tropical landscapes and faraway escapes, while our collection of sheepskin Scandinavian clog boots provide ultimate warmth and comfort in winter temperatures.

Beautiful, handcrafted Swedish Clogs

The song of our handcraftsmanship delights in the similar details as when our customers assemble an outfit – they seek something special, a finishing touch that elevates an ensemble into the realm of distinction. When choosing what to wear with clogs, it’s the little things – a well-placed rivet, a precise line of staples or a fashion buckle – which make all the difference in defining statement style.

The special character our clog makers imbue within each pair of Sandgrens clogs remains unspoken until worn. Only then, once our customers slip into the symphony of our inherited tradition, does the magic awaken the intrinsic value of a well-made pair of clogs or boots.

Take a seat in our amphitheater of inspiration, and listen as the historical crescendo of our clogs blends to the melody of your story while its vision comes to life.


The Sandgrens Team

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