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Classic Wooden Clogs for Women

We had just one mission in mind when creating this Swedish wooden clog line—elegance that stands the test of time. Sandgrens timeless classic clogs are the perfect balance between everlasting style and extraordinary comfort.

Our clog masters reviewed our clog archives to rediscover and perfect a women’s wooden clog line that epitomizes the timeless quality of our Swedish footwear. In this way, our classic clogs surpass the era-confining vestiges of vintage clog shoes and instead focus on the enduring beauty of elegant Swedish design and the sophistication of a product dedicated to everyday elegance without the fussiness of pretension.

When doing things the Sandgrens way we take a few extra steps. We first set out to pick the finest wooden clog bases. Then, because we know that our customers would expect nothing but the finest leathers, we chose our two best, our Nubuc and Italian vegetable tan leathers. This is where the metamorphosis begins.

These mid-heel clogs are transformed from their authentic wooden clog base upwards. First, our leathers are shaped with generations old tooling. Each hide of leather is visually scanned with generations-old techniques in order to perfectly mold the best in European leather with Sandgrens’ local artisan quality, using only the premium portion of each leather hide. We then use our authentic Swedish wooden clog staples or Italian clog nails to create an everlasting bond between our two natural components.

Each clog pair is shaped by hand using generations old equipment to press its clog last against the wooden clog base and mold the leather into a classic, artistic beauty. Often it takes 4-6 presses to get the perfect and iconic Sandgrens clog shape before the last is nailed to the base for drying.

The Most Comfortable, Classic and Elegant Clogs on the Market

What sets Sandgrens Clogs apart from our competition is our ability to transform our wooden clogs into their iconic shape.

We know how important the clog’s shape and fit is to our customers and we accept nothing less than perfection. This focus on detail and individual perfection is what makes Sandgrens’ wooden clogs for women the most comfortable, classic and elegant clog on the market.

Sandgrens Clogs is one of the few clog companies to continue to produce our entire timeless classic clog collection in Sweden and the ability of our clog makers to transform wood and leather into clog shoes is no doubt, amazing. We know our customers appreciate the Swedish artisan quality of each clog!

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