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new york low stylish boots
manhattan low fudge clog boots

 New Arrival Clog Boots

Our new arrival boot catalog is inspired by the genesis of our New York fashion clog boots, which were born of nothing more than a crude sketch and a handmade knife that effortlessly carved its first renditions at the hand of our clog master Sven Carlsson. The new boots within this collection build upon the legacy of Sandgrens flagship stylish clog boots: the New York, a truly artisan-crafted wooden boot.

Although the traditional methods remain intact, the message is translated into the reincarnation of our original design to create easy-to-wear modern silhouettes. Each pair within our new stylish clog boot collection focuses the vintage-inspired flair on its explorative, modern edge. The grit-meets-glamour aesthetic of each pair of our stylish clog boots blends chic urban appeal with the rustic sophistication of the Swedish countryside, perfect for both the classic or fashion-forward sensibility.

A Vintage Feel That Lies Just Outside the Ordinary

The incorporation of an unexpected color palette, coupled with such sharp details, seemingly highlights the inherited skills of our clog makers. The leather is of the highest quality Europe can provide, which transforms into its iconic stylish clog boot shape upon being secured to a signature Sandgrens wooden clog base. The boot set can be further customized with the selection of a varying heel height and wooden bottom colors. Still, the pride and passion of handcrafting each individual pair expands the entire catalog as an up-to-date classic.

From the smart-casual look of Sandgrens fashion clog boots that transition wardrobes into emerging seasons, to updated shearling designs for when the weather calls for something a little extra; each pair of boots in our new arrivals collection will provide the all-day comfort our customers crave. Without sacrificing the emphasis of delivering on everyday luxury, the effortless street-style look in Sandgrens stylish clog boots honors its humble beginnings while honoring current fashion trends and future clog designs.

Continuing the Clog Legacy

As the collections grow and fashion clog boot designs continue to be refined, the special handmade character imbued within each pair will remain unchanged. As Sven, our clog master, laid the groundwork for an enduring boot style, we advance the legacy by continuing to perfect it with each coming season.

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