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Clearance Clogs

We at Sandgrens understand there is an off-season need for our most classic, yet easily recognizable clog styles. Though the prices are discounted, our dedication to handcrafting the highest quality of clogs is never sacrificed. Instead, these discount clogs benefit the reintroduction of iconic clog designs to customers eager to ease their way into a pair of clogs.

The evolution of the Swedish clog shape presents an opportunity to reestablish these timeless aesthetics, while continuing to celebrate each renewed interpretation that has withstood the test of time. One hundred years perfected its contours, but we are committed to our customers for perfecting its legacy.

This consistently curated, ever-changing selection of sandals, boots and high heels for women aims to provide a fresh aesthetic in the midst of the unexpected. In considering the free-spirited globetrotter in pursuit of a tropical escape from the winter chill, a colorful pair of clog sandals is well-suited for the journey. For the modern career woman, a pair of clog mules can still command attention with an unforeseen twist. And a pair of well-made clog boots proves it is no longer exclusive to a particular season.

It’s with this resurgence that our clog master maintains his highest standards for quality and artisanship. While continuing to honor his heritage of crafting each pair by hand, we marry the Sandgrens standard with a novel definition for what it means to be enjoyed by all. In sculpting the most luxurious leathers onto its Swedish wooden clog bases with its authentic finishes, a distinguished character continues to be imprinted within each set of clogs.

Here remains the destination for effortless, slip-on pairs of clogs that coordinate flawlessly with all lifestyles. Balance is no longer a beautiful illusion, as Sandgrens seamlessly blends sophistication with the everyday elegance that remains unsurpassed.

The result of this consideration is the new compilation of Sandgrens clogs on sale, providing customers with the styles they love, at the prices they need.

Yours sincerely,

The Sandgrens Team

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