new york black womens boots

Women’s Clog Boots

Sandgrens Clogs has built a clog boot legacy over generations of artisan handcrafted clog boots, so what could be more appropriate than to name our most iconic styles the Legacy clog boot collection? Inspired by a marriage of chic urban street fashion and the rural sophistication of Sweden, these clog boots are equally at home in the city and the country.

The genesis of our women’s clog boots began with a raw hide of leather and a knife that our clog master Sven Carlsson made himself from a flat piece of metal and a wooden dowel. With nothing more than a crude sketch in front of him and his iconic knife, he hand-carved the leather for our New York clog boot. The gentle curves and clean lines that emerged symbolize the timeless artisan skill of a clog master with a half-century of hand-worked experience. Iteration after iteration of the boot continued after those first lines, as our clog master refused to sacrifice the comfort of the clog shoe for the beauty and chic elegance of the clog bootie. After many prototypes our final version was complete and its perfectly melded Swedish clog shape will stand the test of time for decades to come.

As our clog boots grew in popularity, we began using Italian clog nails to complement our authentic Swedish clog staples. We later set out to add to our clog boot collection with the addition of our Chukka clog boot, a lace-up clog bootie fit for all seasons. New this fall fashion season, our clog boots can be purchased in authentic Italian vegetable tan leathers. Regardless which timeless design you choose, these Legacy boots pair perfectly with fall’s best leggings, on-trend 70s flares, and classic corduroys.

Introducing the Berkeley Clog Boot

However, what makes our Clog Master most proud is the recent addition of our Berkeley clog boot. It is a classy, chic, yet simplistic Swedish design that melds everything Sandgrens stands for into one clog silhouette. As a lace-up calf boot, fit and versatility are highlighted while offering the perfect calf length for fall and winter’s most fashionable pant lengths and shapes. Offered in our core nubuc and vegetable tan leathers, the Berkeley clog boots are versatile for many color schemes, while the wooden clog lacquer varnish base offers added protection from the elements and unsurpassed style.

Rest assured that our mission of providing the highest quality hand-made clog boot available is exemplified in each unique pair. Your satisfaction is our motivation, which can be seen by the smile on your face from the first time you step into your Sandgrens Clog boots until your last.

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