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The Sandgrens Collection of Men’s Clogs

The reiteration of our clog maker’s inherited skills translates into a collection of men’s clogs that opens a distinct chapter. By expanding our footprint, we have reignited our passion for blending a century of tradition with the sleek simplicity of the modern design that we are famous for.

The result is a versatile, enduring and comfortable array of Swedish clogs for men that portray the intrinsic value of form following function, of well-made clog shoes and of local artisanship.

Forged by hand using natural materials as inspired by the forests that surround our Swedish factory, a tradition is respected. We shape the most luxurious of leathers onto an authentic wooden clog base, securing the clog’s aesthetic with genuine Sandgrens staples or nail heads. These components are carefully selected, as only the best textiles comprise the final product. The transformation is an art, and one still performed in Sweden, for we are defined as one of the few companies that continue to do so.

Scandinavian clogs created especially for men

The individual styles of our men’s Swedish clogs infuse attractive design with utility that outlasts fashion, and expands the timeless appeal of its traditional clog shape. The Chukka clog boot and Malmo pairs handsomely with smart and casual wear, which honors the Sandgrens endeavor to provide unsurpassed comfort. For the man who seeks a more subtle practicality, pairs of the Gunnar and Colt men’s clogs deliver on their go-anywhere appeal. The adventurous sensibilities gravitate towards the Bergen or the Atlantic, matching these Swedish clog essentials with their fresh perspectives. All of these clog styles can be further customized by perusing the varied color palette we offer.

The combination of these elements continues to tell the story of our heritage, punctuated by our customers’ shared appreciation for balancing purpose with design, and contemporary with classic. No detail is missed, down to striking each pair with a hammer, because that is how it has been done for generations. Though the process has evolved for today’s narrative, our collection of handmade men’s wooden clogs magnifies the storied journey of our Swedish clogs from our factory floors to your front door.


The Sandgrens Team

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