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Where Are Clogs From? An In-Depth Look at the History of Clogs

When Karl Lagerfield mixed sky-high fashion clogs with fake tattoos at Chanel’s SS10 runway show, clogs were destined to be an instant trend. However, despite this instant popularity, the world was merely discovering what Scandinavia and the rest of Europe already knew – clogs have simply been around for ages. Though the iconic clog shape is easily recognizable, it’s precise origin is not known. The oldest surviving clog was found in the Amsterdam and Rotterdam regions of the Netherlands, where the first Clog Maker’s Guild was formed in 1570. The Dutch have been wearing clogs for over 700 years, and clogs have been used worldwide despite cultural variances. Within that culture, however, the clog’s form went unchanged for centuries. A clog’s culture of origin is...

What to Wear Clogs With: The Ultimate Guide to Clog Fashion

With images curated to spark your creativity, our Inspiration Page expresses the beautiful blend of traditional Swedish clogs with modern, downtown cool. These influencers have molded of-the-moment pieces likely found in their closets with the clogs they’ve recently acquired. Today’s busy woman seeks simplicity. She desires an ensemble that makes her feel confident and fashionable, but comfort is always a priority. The Scandinavian clog has transcended history and the passing trend, so to experience these enduring qualities at once – she simply slides her foot into a Swedish clog. The evolution of clog fashion is best summarized by the street style looks that encompass young professionals, busy mothers, and those who are young at heart. Pulled from this vision are three creative insights, providing you...

Vacation-Ready Clog Sandals

As summer heats up, our line of colorful clog sandals will keep you cool as you lounge at the lake or sunbathe on a beach. True to its platform of “a clog for every season,” Sandgrens has curated a collection of vacation-ready clog sandals that beckon and inspire the exploration of an exotic retreat. Here, paradise is found. Whether it’s a midsummer moment close to home or a tropical island getaway, our Swedish clog sandals are the quintessential clogs to make the transition from sand to city. The aesthetics of these clogs for women are clean and light with a dual personality of maintaining its traditional perspectives with a twist of summertime flair. Our clog master expanded upon the classic clog shape, and with his...

Style Profile: The Classic Swedish Clog

The modern rendition of a classic is showcased in a selection of wooden clog bases, an array of the finest European leathers presented in a colorful palette and distinct accents. Here, elegance is best portrayed within its simplicity. Whether its paired with a chambray sundress or a sleek pair of pants, the clog elevates the wardrobes of the sophisticated woman. Easily recognizable, the Swedish clog was and always will be celebrated as a cultural icon, summarizing the essence of an entire country into a single pair of clogs. But recently, the humble Swedish clog has been reveling in its return to the closets of the world since it burst onto the international fashion scene in the 1970s. With clog styles like the Tokyo and the...

Create Polyvore Sets with Sandgrens Clogs

In this post we…. Polyvore is a community-based website that allows members to curate collages, called “sets,” in various realms of artistic expression but primarily, fashion. Upon creating an account, members can create sets of outfit ideas pulling pieces from easily recognizable brands that appeal to each unique sensibility. We at Sandgrens Clogs recognize how valuable this social media platform can be during the selection process of a pair of wood clogs. Creating a set with Polyvore gives you a chance to use your creativity while simultaneously choosing how to fashion your Swedish clogs with other pieces in your wardrobe. Creating sets on Polyvore with Sandgrens Clogs also gives you an opportunity to choose which of our many fashion clogs and clog boots styles you...


At Sandgrens we work hard to keep our heritage and traditions carried over in everything that we do, clogs and clog boots, along with anything Swedish! This includes celebrating the longest day of the year (midsummer) no matter where we may be in the world. We are happy to share our heritage with you every day of the year but this time of year is no-doubt, extra special. Given Sweden´s long dark winters, it’s not surprising that the arrival of the summer is a big deal, making Midsummers eve one of the most important days of the year for Swedes. Today, the typical Swedish midsummer includes exhibitions of folk dancing in traditional customs (and wooden clogs of course) as well as ring dances around the...

Introducing Stöten and Bergen

We are expanding our collection of Scandinavian clogs for men with the introduction of Stoten and Bergen. Stoten pulls forward a well-put together style in luxurious black leather on a lacquered chestnut clog base. Bergen’s namesake is the Norwegian city on the southwestern coast, inspired by the surrounding mountains and Fjords. Both varieties portray the Sandgrens values of handcraftsmanship, of utilizing only the finest natural materials, and of passing classic Swedish clog comfort on to the modern man. Follow this link to view the complete men’s collection, including the new Stoten and Bergen clog styles. Best regards,  The sandgrens team

Discover the Men’s Clog Collection

The four quadrants of our men’s clog collection strive to blend the iconic Scandinavian simplicity with your individual aesthetic. Each of our Gunnar, Colt, Bergen and Malmo clogs are made to portray the intrinsic value of form following function, complementing the art of rugged utility with unsurpassed comfort. Which quadrant do you fall under? Join us on our live chat to determine which of our clogs for men best aligns with your needs!   View Men's clog collection 

The 5 Most Popular Clog Styles

With each purchase of a pair of Sandgrens clogs, the story of our heritage begins a distinct chapter that aligns with the personal style of our customers. We’ve narrowed down our vast collection to the top 5 that seemingly magnify both sides of the narrative. Tokyo A classic choice, this clog is the perfect balance of elegance and ease. Tokyo showcases a simple yet sleek design that follows the “less is more” approach to fashion. New York Our New York clog boot seamlessly blends luxurious comfort with sophisticated street style. This everyday essential is a true Sandgrens legacy clog boot. Maya The Maya stands tall with its ladylike silhouette, as defined by its high-rise clog heel. Its timeless appeal lends to its popularity as a...

Spring Inspiration

The bright sunlight and warmer temperatures beckoned us outdoors to capture the essence of the early spring feeling in the city of Minneapolis. This season, we’ve taken a cue from nature to blend soft, cool hues with subtle warm tones that beg the question: which color pairs best with your sunny disposition? See more spring style inspiration as showcased on our social media channels, including curated looks by blogger Maureen at The Northeast Girl!
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