The Dublin Clog on a Dark Base: The Solution to the Inter-Season Shoe Woes

Getting dressed in the morning presents itself as a daunting task in September. The early mornings are crisp and cool, reminding us that autumn is upon us. But as the hours pass the sting of the late summer sun causes us to lose the layers we needed mere hours earlier.

The result is a delicate balancing act of inter-season fashion that relies on consistent, classic staples instead of further complicating matters with the non-essential.

The Dublin clog’s silhouette mirrors that of the mule, which according to the runway shows at the recent New York Fashion Week, vintage-inspired pieces such as this are completely on trend for fall 2017. Designers seemed to celebrate more comfortable and everyday must-haves that effortlessly transform your look without the fuss.

The reason Dublin clogs for women command attention is found in the design’s versatility. It’s open back beckons with its slip-on appeal that is also suitable as midday temperatures rise. And since this is the most easily-recognizable wooden clog shape, dare we say this is the clog that will never go out of style?

Cooler temperatures mean cooler color tones, and this reiteration of the definitive Swedish clog expands your shoe wardrobe into the new season. Though we cannot deny its “wear now” appeal, it’s Dublin’s luxurious simplicity that can be carried forward.

The result transforms your look whether you seek a day-to-night solution or a summer-to-fall staple. Dublin successfully navigates this seasonal tight-rope act. Wear with jeans, wear with dresses or wear with a pant suit because yes, they’re back.

Browse our Dublin clogs with the dark wooden bases inspired by the changing season by clicking this link, and consider how they will carry you forward into fall.


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