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Shop Small with Alpha Kilo Metalworks

As a small business, we love to highlight other handmade goods from other smaller brands with you. It's always a joy to see the passion for handmade being shared across industries. We love finding the perfect accessories to our outfits, and what complements clogs better than handmade jewelry?

Meet Maggie LaRue, the woman behind Alpha Kilo Metalworks based in Homer, Alaska. She handcrafts jewelry with inspiration from all the places and adventures she loves. Her knowledge and passion for jewelry goes beyond crafting, she also does workshops in Alaska where she teaches the art of handcrafting jewelry.

To match our Brett closed-back clog in Blush, she created a beautiful pair of earrings made from 14k gold components, with Oregon Sunstones and Alaskan Nuggets.
To read more about Maggie and to shop her unique collection, visit her website here.
Shop small and choose handmade!
With love, Team Sandgrens ♡


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