Madrid on High Rise

Reminiscent of the flamenco dancers that entertain in its namesake city, our Madrid highheeled clogs for women exude a similar energy, beauty and color.

They also share a storied narration.

A related passion went into the new style’s construction, because like the choreography of this historical dance, our clog master followed the passed-down techniques of his heritage. The fluid combination of luxurious leather, natural materials and skilled craftsmanship harmonize like the musical accompaniment of flamenco. A pound of his hammer evokes the same crescendo of the dancer’s rhythmic footwork, and the woven details are as graceful as a twirling skirt.

It is a dance, but on a different stage.

What sets this reiteration of our Madrid apart from the rest, is that its story is elevated and scales to new heights on its heeled footing. Unlike its lower heeled countertops, though uniquely advantageous; the higher heel renders the design right for when lavish affairs call.

A clog for the occasion

Madrid on High is an elegant design that imagines the celebrations of life. It is well-suited for a formal occasion, ideal for an evening out on the town and yet, Madrid still delivers on comfort and support.

Like the inspired flamenco dancers that pirouette with seemingly no end in sight, our Madrid High Rise leaves a similar impression. There is no need to slip out of your high-rise clogs towards the end of the evening.

To browse the newest addition to our repertoire, visit the Madrid product page by clicking here.

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