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Limited Edition Clog Release: The Color Squash on a Dark Base

There is an area of the Sandgrens factory that tells a fascinating story of color.

Rows upon rows of rolled hides of leather in every color imaginable and some perhaps not, sit ready to be selected, cut and transformed into a luxurious pair of clogs. Varying from the classics to the trendy, each is destined to add both a finishing touch and unexpected pop.

While studying this palette, the team began to consider a unique twist to add to the catalog – something never before seen. It was then we discovered this beautiful, warm squash color that promised to reinvigorate even the gloomiest of winter forecasts.

Squash combines the moodiness of a dark color with the vibrancy of a bright. When this is married with a dark base, the clog designs that bring this style to life are rendered a must-have for the season.

The simplicity of the selected designs allow the leather color and wooden base to take center stage. We felt the clean lines and vintage charm of our sophisticated Maya, Milan, Brett and Athens clogs for women looked best, while the Bergen and Malmö clogs for men achieved the same result.

What makes this collection special is the fact that these styles were created with the last hide discovered in our factory. Once every portion of this leather we have is painstakingly cut and formed into our most popular sets, this collection will cease.

Clogs of this color story are truly a limited edition, and it’s a piece of our collection we hope you enjoy just as well. See all of these one-of-a-kind clogs by clicking here.

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