From Swedish Clog Styles to Mary Janes: Which Clog Style Fits You?

Personal style is an ever-evolving definition that seems to alter with each seasonal trend. When you attempt to marry such a broad description to something as iconic as a pair of clogs, uncovering the perfect, versatile pair can pose a bit of a challenge. Which of the numerous clog styles best suits you?

The majority of modern wardrobes showcase a mix inspired by a variety of style influencers. By taking a quick run-through of your closet, you can gain insights into what styles truly embody who you are.
With that said, a pair of clogs can quickly become your signature piece, whatever classification you best identify with.

To determine your personal clog style:
  1. Know who you are. How do you like to dress? Consider your age, your career, and your lifestyle. Consider the persona you are presenting, i.e., casual comfort v. business casual, or classic v. fashion forward.
  2. Look for inspiration. Incorporate inspirational elements into your wardrobe to act as a springboard towards defining your style. Visit thrift stores and page through old magazines to learn where today’s trends originated. Clogs have been worn for centuries, with each reiteration showcasing a fresh silhouette that aligns with modern trends.
  3. Know what you want to accomplish. Write down your goals, both in life and in fashion. Which design elements and accessories can help you accomplish those goals, like earning a promotion? Keep this in mind when you shop.
  4. Get to know the contents of your closet. What do you feel most comfortable wearing? Do you gravitate towards striped tees or flowy dresses? Do you wear sundresses on repeat that would welcome a new pair Swedish clog sandals, or do you appreciate a strong power suit?
  5. Make a few changes.! This would be a good opportunity to try those Mary Jane clogs you’ve had your eye on.
  6. Trust your instinct. This is the most important consideration as you browse the Sandgrens catalog, as well as paying attention to the clog style you keep returning to.Start reinventing your personal style definition by visiting our collection of clog styles here!
Sandgrens Team

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