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Clog Mules and Socks: A Lovely Approach to Unpredictable Seasons

Don’t pack away your clogs just yet.

In fact, clogs of the summer are morphing into the ideal cool weather footwear staple. When paired with heavily patterned, brightly colored or coveted cozy socks, this combination defines transitional style.

Clogs with socks? Yes, absolutely! We at Sandgrens are quite excited about the versatility of our clogs, and we aim to surprise and delight with the suggestion of adding this unexpected texture.

This time of year brings unpredictable temperatures, but the soles of our wooden clogs have treads that help prevent slipping. Many styles are perfect for wearing with different types of socks to help you stay warm. Our Tokyo in Nude makes a beautiful companion for this season-in-between, especially when paired with socks.

Perhaps, upon a second look through our catalog, consider the longevity of each pair of clogs when worn with a pair of socks. You’re sure to discover plenty of hidden gems that extend beyond the warmth of summer, proving the season for clog mules is far from over.


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