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A pair of Sandgrens clogs tells a story that delves deeper than their function as Swedish clogs and clog boots. 

It’s tradition. Founded in the 19th century as a leather tannery, Sandgrens clogs continues to handcraft its iconic wooden shoes and clog boots in Påryd, Sweden. The Sandgrens art of clog making was passed down by our modern founder Sven Carlsson, to his son Christer, our clog master to this day.

With the distinction as one of the few original clog brands to still be made in Sweden, Sandgrens carries its legacy into the 21st century. The secret, is in the details; using the same time-honored techniques that built the heritage of our family-owned company, combined with the unquestionable vision of fashion and style.

It’s timeless. Each of Sandgrens wooden clogs is handcrafted with the finest European leathers and the highest quality wooden clog bases available and they withstand the test of time. As trends come and go, our customers recognize the refined characteristics only these natural materials can provide. This, combined with our tradition of handcraftsmanship, reflects modernism, chicness and vintage all in one.

It’s graceful. You will find our clog boots everywhere, from the streets of New York City; our clog sandals on the beaches of Sydney, Australia; and our high-heel clogs for women at a sidewalk café in Paris, among countless other cities, big and small, throughout the world. Our vast catalog of authentic Scandinavian wood clogs blend the traditional with the unexpected, as exhibited by our Shearling boots, and showcases how effortlessly our Swedish clogs fit into our customers’ lifestyles.

And most important to us, it’s dedication. As a cornerstone of Sandgrens, our commitment to our heritage is displayed by our high-quality products, which we continue to forge by hand as we always have. Our iconic craftsman pay attention to details and “short-cut” is not in our vocabulary. Our commitment to our customer is emphasized in the fashion clog styles that, when combined with our values, create the perfect pair of wooden clogs for women and men alike.

Our story does not end there, but rather begins again with you. When you put on your pair of Sandgrens clogs or clog boots, and allow our Swedish traditions and heritage to carry you through your life, you contribute to our story and we sincerely thank you for that.

Thank you for your support,

The Sandgrens Team

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